Welcoming Grace Tham — Our New Member

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our team of professionals with Grace Tham, joining as our Finance & Admin Executive.

Grace brings a wealth of experience in supporting the financial needs of a company, making her an ideal resource for our diverse clients. Her expertise includes managing daily bookkeeping, ensuring accurate accounts receivable and payable, and preparing detailed reports for accurate record-keeping.

Beyond her core skills, Grace excels in handling critical tasks like monthly SST submissions, facilitating license and grant applications, and even coordinating staff seminars. This diverse skillset allows her to provide comprehensive support to our clients, ensuring their financial operations run smoothly and efficiently.

We’re confident Grace’s dedication, organization, and ability to manage complex tasks will be invaluable to both our internal team and our valued clients. Please join us in giving her a warm welcome!

Learn more here: likearisingsun.com.my/team

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