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Founder, CEO
Founder and CEO of LIKEARISINGSUN. Engaged in numbers of cross-border M&A deals, corporate restructuring deals and crisis management deals as a legal advisor at a law firm (Bingham McCutchen Murase, Sakai, Mimura Aizawa, currently named Anderson Mori & Tomotsune) in Tokyo. Seconded to Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo (M) in 2015 after graduation of Duke Law School as a Special Officer to CEO until June 2017 as well as local law firm in Malaysia. Incorporated LIKEARISINGSUN in 2017 and got independent from Anderson Mori. Served as Committee member and Consultant of JACTIM (The Japanese Chamber of Trade & Industry, Malaysia). University of Tokyo (Bachelor of Law), Chuo University (Juris Doctor), Duke University (LL.M., Master of Law, Graduation Speaker). Experienced internship for the Cabinet Office in Japan. 

–    Engaged in numerous M&A cases as a bankruptcy trustee assigned by the Court and a rehabilitation debtor agent
–    Represented one of the largest Japanese chemical manufacturers in M&A deal in bankrupt company
–    Represented a Japanese semiconductor trading company in cross-border M&A deal by a US company 
–    Represented a listed car parts manufacturer in a cross-border antitrust case
–    Represented a top Japanese medical related electronics company for crisis management case
–    Represented one of the largest Japanese trading companies in the litigation of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill case
–    Pro-bono works as official defense counsel, representative of refugee application case and legal aid consultant

– Weekly article regarding Covid-19 related issues (NNA, March 2020 – June 2020)
– Serial biweekly article regarding M&A in Malaysia (NNA, July 2018 – present)
– Serial biweekly article regarding legal topics in Malaysia (NNA, September 2016 – June 2018)
– Cross-border Business Revitalization – Case Studies and the Latest Legal Practice Overseas (Shoji-Houme, Co-author, 2015)
– Essential Points of Japan M&A Practice (Shoji-Houme, Co-author, 2015)
– Casebook of Trust Act for law practitioners (Yuhikaku, Co-author, 2014)
– Casebook of business revitalization for law practitioners (Yuhikaku, Co-author, 2014)
– Labor Practice Guide for Company-Dismissal and Retirement (Shoji-Houme, Co-author, 2014)
– Overview of Recent Chapter 15 Cases (Jigyosaisei to Saiken Kanri, Japanese translation, 2010)

–    “Labor law related issues in Malaysia” (Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, June 2016)
–    “New Companies Act in Malaysia“ (Ichika-Kai Association, October 2016)
–    “New Companies Act in Malaysia” (Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, November 2016)
–    “New Companies Act in Malaysia” (Bangi MD Association, November 2016)
–    “New Companies Act in Malaysia” (JACTIM Perah branch, January 2017)
–    “New Companies Act and M&A in Malaysia” (Nikin-Kai Association at Johor, April 2017)
–    “New Companies Act and  M&A in Malaysia” (Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, May 2017)
–    “Labor law related issues in Malaysia” (JAC Recruitment, May 2017)
–    “Labor law related issues in Malaysia” (Sansui-Kai Association at Penang, July 2017)
–    “M&A in Malaysia” (Ichika-Kai Association, March 2019)
–    “Legal Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs”(Sunway University workshop, December 2019)
–    “M&A by Japanese companies in SEA” (CLSA Securities Japan Co., Ltd., February 2020)
–    “Legal issues related to management of subsidiary in Malaysia” (JACTIM, March 2020)
–    “Business launch support and cross border M&A in Malaysia” (Seminar for legal trainees in Japan, May 2020)
–  “M&A trend of Japanese companies in Malaysia” (LIKEARISINGSUN, June 2020)
–  “M&A opportunity under Covid-19” (Aleevar Consulting, June 2020)
–  “Special considerations for M&A in a pandemic world: the South East Asian perspective”
(Dentons Rodyk及び弊社共同ウェビナー)(2020年7月)
-  “Amendments to Bribery Regulations in Malaysia” (Seminar for Berjaya Sompo Insurance, October 2020)

-  “The risk and way of prevention of having only one person able to carry out a specific role” 

(Joint Webiner by Pasona and LIKEARISINGSUN, August 2021)

-  “One Stop Service – From A Single PC to M&A” 

(Joint Webiner by KDDI Malaysia and LIKEARISINGSUN, Septemeber 2021)



Chief Compliance Officer

After graduating from Multimedia University with Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), Elvyna worked at Citigroup for over 10 years specializing in anti-money laundering operations and risk management, where it is the Regional Hub that supports the Asia Pacific and Canada countries. She has various backgrounds and experiences, including supporting companies to move their business from Singapore to Malaysia. She joined LIKEARISINGSUN in May 2018 and has been involved in all aspects of M&A from project sourcing, managing due diligence process to closing. She is a certified International Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (IM&A), a Certified Post Merger Integration Specialist, and a charterholder of Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances (IMAA).

  • “M&A trend of Japanese companies in Malaysia” (LIKEARISINGSUN, June 2020)
  • “M&A opportunity under Covid-19” (Aleevar Consulting, June 2020)
  • “Special considerations for M&A in a pandemic world: the South East Asian perspective”
    (Joint Webinar by Dentons Rodyk and LIKEARISINGSUN, July 2020)
  • Monthly LIKEARISINGSUN Newsletter

Razif Ramzan

He specializes in private equity and corporate finance. He was previously with Ericsenz Capital, a private equity firm based in Singapore, where he was involved in research and carrying out investments into late stage tech unicorns. Prior to that, he held the position Chief Executive Officer for an education company in Kuantan, Malaysia. Having started his career at RHB Investment Bank under the corporate finance department, he has executed several M&As, IPO, RTOs, and capital raising exercises. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Purdue University, USA.
  • “M&A trend of Japanese companies in Malaysia” (LIKEARISINGSUN, June 2020)
  • Monthly LIKEARISINGSUN Newsletter


After Ritsumeikan University (Faculty of Law) and Kyoto University of the Arts (Clinical arts program), worked for an engineering company (general affairs, internal education section, power plant CAD drawing section), Children’s painting class, a general hospital and Children’s English Lesson Materials Company as an adviser.  Participated in LIKEARISINGSUN in 2019, engaged in incorporation support, visa applications, setup support for expats, documentation and sales support. She decided to migrate to Malaysia with her family because she was impressed with Malaysia’s multiculturalism.
  • “M&A trend of Japanese companies in Malaysia” (LIKEARISINGSUN, June 2020)

Ezra Toh

He graduated with a LL.B (Hons) from the University of Liverpool and holds a Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP). He was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. He has wide range of experience vary from civil litigation, conveyancing, corporate and commercial. Prior to that, he was an in-house counsel of Aeon Co. (M) Bhd whereby he provided legal advice and strategizes solutions in respect of commercials and contracts, trademarks, tenancy and compliances.
  • “Whistleblower & s.17A Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission Act 2009” Seminar (May 2021)
  •  “Understanding of Contract Law” Webinar (June 2021)
  • Monthly LIKEARISINGSUN Newsletter

Yukihisa Unoko

Senior Adviser
He joined Recruit Co., Ltd., the largest HR company in Japan in 1987 and has been consistently involved in new business start-ups for 16 years. He was involved in the launch of “Hot Pepper” (Japan nationwide free town information magazine) in the Kobe and Osaka areas, and as the first editor-in-chief of each region, he also appeared as a commentator on local TV and radio programs.

Since he moved to Malaysia in 2003, he has also worked as Managing Director at Sakura Recruit(Founder CEO) and Unlock Asia (COO) for the past 18 years, and through his recruiting and business consulting businesses, he has supported local Japanese companies in building their human resources and organizations, and in attracting and establishing new companies from Japan. In 2013, he was featured in the Asahi Newspaper’s Sunday edition (GLOBE), and on the NHK-BS1 television program “Global Debate WISDOM,” where he shared his background on “Japanese youth moving to Asia” with Ian Bremmer and Noriko Hama. In 2014, he was introduced as one of the “100 Japanese people who won in Asia” in “AERA magazine”.



Martin Liau

IT Consultant
LL.B (Hons), Northumbria University. A law graduate by qualification, his drive lies behind all things tech, with a deep focus on cybersecurity. Organized Southeast Asia’s first ever legal technology conference for 2 consecutive years, the LexTech Conference 2017 and 2018. He was the lead IT officer for multiple organizations, including Malaysian law firms GLT Law and Lee & Poh Partnership. Co-founder of digital company secretary platform MISHU.

Garnered a combined experience of over 5 years in front-end web development, server management, infrastructure & hardware maintenance, graphic design and has over 10 years of experience in photography and image manipulation. He researches on the latest data and system breaches, hacks, and vulnerabilities as well as deployment of security measures to ensure business continuity. Accomplished long distance runner and Krav Maga practitioner.
  • Monthly LIKEARISINGSUN Newsletter

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