BPO, Outsourcing & IT Services

& IT Services​


We can outsource back office operations such as accounting and IT that are essential for business operations in Malaysia. ​

It takes time and money to secure and retain each specialized human resource in-house, so outsourcing can stabilize operations and reduce the daily burden on companies. ​

BPO, Outsourcing & IT Services​


We will input into the accounting system and submit the balance sheet (BS), profit and loss statement (PL), and fixed asset ledger (FA) at the beginning of the month. We will adjust the submission schedule according to your request. ​


We will calculate monthly salary, social insurance, and withholding tax for employees including expatriates, and prepare pay slips. Upon request, we also handle payment of social insurance and withholding tax. ​

Accounting Audit /
Tax Return​ ​

In cooperation with our partners, we are responding to statutory accounting audits and tax returns. Upon request, a Japanese representative will arrange the schedule and materials. ​

IT Services

Minimize your IT cost and improve your IT admin's efficiency by outsourcing common day-to-day tasks. Fully managed services for cybersecurity consulting, one-stop IT helpdesk, Microsoft 365 management and more.