Entry of Business Traveller to Malaysia

In order to encourage more foreign direct investment, Malaysian government has set up a One-Stop Center (OSC) to facilitate the approval process for business travellers who make trips to Malaysia, either for short-term or long-term business purposes. Currently they are improving the process from manual application to a more digitized application and approval process, in order to allow fast tracking to travellers. This process able to allow foreign travellers to enter Malaysia without quarantine.

Short-Term Business Travellers

• Who are short-term business travellers?

❖ Potential investors seeking to do business in Malaysia
❖ Existing investors namely business owners, board members, executives and associates of companies in Malaysia (without Employment Pass)
❖ Business customers for product qualification and validation before commercial production
❖ Technical experts for ad-hoc emergency cases to serve single or multiple customers across Malaysia

Duration: stay in Malaysia for 14 days or less.

Quarantine: No 10-day quarantine requirement

• How to apply?

Prepare the following documents:

    • Invitation letter (from Ministry/Government Agency/Company registered in Malaysia)
    • Detailed Itinerary
    • Copy of Passport ID Page (Coloured

Email these documents to [email protected] to obtain support letter from OSC secretariat for quarantine exemption. (Note: This manual process will be changed to online application via MyEntry System in January 2021, details will be announced soon by Malaysian government).

Apply for entry permission to Malaysia via MyTravelPass at https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/main
under the category of Foreigner (Social Pass).

• COVID-19 test:

    • First test: 72 hours before arriving in Malaysia and will only be allowed to board if they test negative.
    • Second test: will be done at the Business Travellers Centre (BTC) upon arrival at the KLIA.
    • Third test: within three days prior to departure from Malaysia.

Long-Term Business Travellers
For long-term business travellers, necessary requirements need to be adhered to and submit their Entry Permission application online via MyEntry or MyTravelPass systems. 

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