Newsletter on a scheme business travellers to stay without quarantine (MIDA) and a program for hiring incentive

We would like to send you a newsletter about the quarantine free business travel scheme and employment incentives for business travelers to Malaysia by MIDA, which will be operational from the beginning of March.

Short-term business travel to Malaysia (14 days or less) is no longer subject to quarantine, while long-term business travelers (including MM2H) over 14 days are subject to 7 or 10 days of voluntary quarantine.

Also, government incentives for new hires. This incentive, called “PENJANA 2.0”, allows employers to receive 40% of the employee’s monthly salary (up to 4,000 RM per month) for up to 6 months for new employees under 40 years of age, as well as partial funding for training and relocation. 

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